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Musik & Sound for student short movie “Squirrel”

7 Jul

A cry for help arrived in my inbox, and alas – I am busy. Computer animation student Phil from Germany needs Music & Sound for a ~2:30 min animated short movie. He needs it rather fast. There is an existing work-in-progress he can send you the link to, the movie in its final form without sound should be ready for you on Monday 11th of July. He needs to hand in the finished movie with sound on the 22nd (bachelor thesis so to speak). Please allow for possible corrections, so the 18th might be OK as a first deadline.

Inspiration is the Ice Age trailer, and it’s cute, comedic and about a squirrel, see pictures below.

Can you help out the guy? This is rather non-paid, though he has suggested he can offer a small compensation. I think he will also be very grateful and name his first 3 children after you.

Please send him an email, pointing out whether you want to do music, sound or both, and add a link to your previous work. Please only apply if you actually have time to help him next week. Here is his email address: pr.photo@gmx.de

[closed] Sound Design job – short movie – nonpaid – “2 Chameleons”

14 Dec

These 4 student movie makers based in Germany seek SOUND DESIGN help for an animated short movie about 2 chameleons.

Deadline: End of January

Length: 3 minutes

Similar in style to…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUWKg0ByTlM&feature=related

There needs to be background ambience, wordless voices for both characters, childish voices. Plus a few SFX (e.g. a fart and slight foley). Generally, a warm atmosphere is desired.

Contact me and I forward your mail!