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[CLOSED] Composer wanted for point ‘n click adventure (Profit Share)

17 Oct

If you are a composer and if you want to break into the games market, this is your chance. Small indie adventure developer team (with members in South America, USA and Germany) is looking for an additional composer, who is able to compose in a light, moody, cinematic style.  The team had a small successful kickstarter, but – as it is often the case with Indies – has to seriously watch their expenses at this point, so there is no frontend money but profit share. As usual for games, you should not be member of a collecting society.


Send your application with a LINK (not the actual file) to a demo song, ideally a modern sounding, moody, cinematic peace with piano to me.  I will bundle the applications and forward them with my opinion, as I will also help with the soundtrack myself. 🙂 Hope to work with you soon…

[ UPDATE ] Thanks everyone, a composer was chosen. 🙂