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Shopping: June discounts for composers and sound designers

4 Jun

Ok here are some shopping tips for you…


is of course an amazing shop, especially for download titles like the no brainer deals they often have. Be careful with boxed orders when you are not in the US, though, as customs fees and shipping apply.

Audiomidi currently offers 20%-50% off Waves Plugins.

Also, as it’s very often the case, East West 2 for 1 on selected titles. But you can of course also get those deals in the East West Shops for USA or Europe, respectively. Most East West products, you must think real hard before buying it undiscounted, they drown you with regular not-so-special offers.


If you are in Europe and out for a higher priced East West package, you can combine the 2 for 1 East West deal with 25% off orchestra related products  on selected higher price range East West titles. Or, of course, get the 25% off other Orchestral products. Careful, the 25% off is only valid until tomorrow. These items apply for the 25% off:

As usual, buy another item at Best Service and you get another 10% off.

Let’s look at the numbers, if you buy another 50€ item, you can buy Hollywood Strings Diamond for 558€ instead of 827€ AND get another East West of lower price for free (e.g. Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus Complete 699€) = MORE THAN 63% OFF.

[edit] ZERO G

offer 30% off of 150 different downloadable products until end of June, including:


My recent favorite page (which is so heartwarmingly buggy) for sound effects, www.Sounddogs.com,  offers monthly discounts (which do not really change drastically from month to month, but anyway).  Did I say buggy? Yes. Don’t click on “JUNE SPECIALS”, because you are unable to order sound effect bundles from there. It logs you out, and you can’t continue. Instead, click on the left-hand side on Sound Track CD’s (sic!), that works. Among the insanely expensive regular bundles at the top (which are more likely to be worth every penny than not), you find some heavily discounted ones. “Sound effects” and “discounted” are usually never uttered in the same sentence, so I can recommend that! Even though the sounds may age hard, the price tags usually stay minty fresh. I will watch that page closely. Here are some discounted items from the list:

Can’t say anything about the quality, but most sets have a preview MP3. If you collect SFX like I do, you should check them out.

ALSO, if you order any 1 single sound effects there ($2 or what), check at the bottom of your shopping cart for a impulse buy sound pack, e.g. Dog Pack 4 (~$12) with 100 mixed sounds, or so. Definitely a no brainer, but I can’t link to it, because I think this is not visible otherwise.


And I would be an idiot to forget about Boom Library, which I am glad to represent. They have a preorder for Cinematic Trailers going on until June 15th. Whooshes, Stingers, Transitions and Hits, including orchestral recordings, in the fat Hi Res Quality you will expect if you have any other package from them. Grab these 100% free ready-to-use sounds from said package if you are not sure. They offered them as gift because they reached 500 Likes on Facebook.  If you need anything from Boom Library, remember to contact me first because I can offer you discounts.

Cinematic Trailers is currently discounted…

  • Construction Kit (119€ instead of 149€) containing all the raw stuff in HD.
  • Designed (79€ instead of 99€) containing a selection of ready-to-use designed sounds (these are usually very good)
  • Both Bundled 149€ instead of 199€)

I hope to compile a list like this every month for you, so if you like what you see, let me know. Have I forgotten a good deal? Please leave a comment for us!