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How to Record Sound Effects by Dave Lukezic of Sound Ideas

28 Mar

Check out this video:

How to Record Sound Effects by Dave Lukezic of Sound Ideas

SPL Plugins 25% off this week

18 Jul

SPL builds high quality stuff, that’s quite established as a fact I think, and their plugins also rock I say.

They are often quite into understatement. Just look at this piece of hardware, that is a 350€ High End volume knob:


But it’s a very well fabricated volume knob.

They have small, affordable effects that are quite fool-proof (some also have hardly more than one knob, I like!) and do what they should. DEVERB is highly recommended, to some degree it removes reverb from your recording. Check out the Transient Designer and the rest, too.

Recently they dropped heavily in price, and this week only they are 25% discounted.

Shopping: June discounts for composers and sound designers

4 Jun

Ok here are some shopping tips for you…


is of course an amazing shop, especially for download titles like the no brainer deals they often have. Be careful with boxed orders when you are not in the US, though, as customs fees and shipping apply.

Audiomidi currently offers 20%-50% off Waves Plugins.

Also, as it’s very often the case, East West 2 for 1 on selected titles. But you can of course also get those deals in the East West Shops for USA or Europe, respectively. Most East West products, you must think real hard before buying it undiscounted, they drown you with regular not-so-special offers.


If you are in Europe and out for a higher priced East West package, you can combine the 2 for 1 East West deal with 25% off orchestra related products  on selected higher price range East West titles. Or, of course, get the 25% off other Orchestral products. Careful, the 25% off is only valid until tomorrow. These items apply for the 25% off:

As usual, buy another item at Best Service and you get another 10% off.

Let’s look at the numbers, if you buy another 50€ item, you can buy Hollywood Strings Diamond for 558€ instead of 827€ AND get another East West of lower price for free (e.g. Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus Complete 699€) = MORE THAN 63% OFF.

[edit] ZERO G

offer 30% off of 150 different downloadable products until end of June, including:


My recent favorite page (which is so heartwarmingly buggy) for sound effects,,  offers monthly discounts (which do not really change drastically from month to month, but anyway).  Did I say buggy? Yes. Don’t click on “JUNE SPECIALS”, because you are unable to order sound effect bundles from there. It logs you out, and you can’t continue. Instead, click on the left-hand side on Sound Track CD’s (sic!), that works. Among the insanely expensive regular bundles at the top (which are more likely to be worth every penny than not), you find some heavily discounted ones. “Sound effects” and “discounted” are usually never uttered in the same sentence, so I can recommend that! Even though the sounds may age hard, the price tags usually stay minty fresh. I will watch that page closely. Here are some discounted items from the list:

Can’t say anything about the quality, but most sets have a preview MP3. If you collect SFX like I do, you should check them out.

ALSO, if you order any 1 single sound effects there ($2 or what), check at the bottom of your shopping cart for a impulse buy sound pack, e.g. Dog Pack 4 (~$12) with 100 mixed sounds, or so. Definitely a no brainer, but I can’t link to it, because I think this is not visible otherwise.


And I would be an idiot to forget about Boom Library, which I am glad to represent. They have a preorder for Cinematic Trailers going on until June 15th. Whooshes, Stingers, Transitions and Hits, including orchestral recordings, in the fat Hi Res Quality you will expect if you have any other package from them. Grab these 100% free ready-to-use sounds from said package if you are not sure. They offered them as gift because they reached 500 Likes on Facebook.  If you need anything from Boom Library, remember to contact me first because I can offer you discounts.

Cinematic Trailers is currently discounted…

  • Construction Kit (119€ instead of 149€) containing all the raw stuff in HD.
  • Designed (79€ instead of 99€) containing a selection of ready-to-use designed sounds (these are usually very good)
  • Both Bundled 149€ instead of 199€)

I hope to compile a list like this every month for you, so if you like what you see, let me know. Have I forgotten a good deal? Please leave a comment for us!

Please ‘like’ the Boom Library Facebook page for free sounds

31 May

If you are interested in Sound Effects in any way, I would ask you please to like the Facebook page of BOOM Library , not only because I am happy to be selling their top quality SFX bundles (hit me if you want something, I can get you a discount), but because they will give away some free SFX if they reach 500 likes!

The guys of Dynamedion are behind Boom Library, so with their experience of working on 400 projects they know what they do. They release very specific SFX bundles (e.g. Cinematic Metal, Guns, Wildcats) and where they outshine the competition is that they offer them in very luscious 96 Khz and in both a naked PLUS a creatively processed version. So you have raw samples for the DIY pros and quite well done finished SFX for those who just need to put a few sounds in their game…

Well, anyway, please like their page, so we all can have some free sounds from their upcoming Cinematic Trailers. 🙂 as a sound resource

23 Apr

I am a long time user and promoter of Soundsnap, but I just recently discovered They search a lot of professional sound libraries (much more than those listed in my good old Soundsnap), and you can buy single sounds.

To compare those two: Soundsnap is cost-efficient (I use their annual flatrate, $200 for unlimited sounds) and they have a broad range of sounds from pros and amateurs alike, which can provide some interesting & unconventional angles, local sounds from exotic regions and so on. Always nice. on the other hand is much more expensive but as I said, the search results are amazing, dozens of professional libraries in the $500-$10000 range are up there and you can handpick single sounds. I have tried 20 sites so far and this one beats all in regards to high quality choice.

One of my quick tests is a search for Crossbow. Soundsnap: 0 results. Sounddogs: 36 results from 8 libraries, including Sound Ideas General 6000, Soundstorm, Noisefuel, Digieffects, Tommy Tallarico’s SFX Kit, and (hold on tight) sounds licensed from games by Interplay… That is a massive range of products, to have that level of choice you would need to spend (wait a sec…. adding up….) shitloads of money.

They are not cheap (around $2-$6 per sfx), but if you need good quality, they rule. The ability to have just one sound from one of those many professional sound libraries which you don’t happen to own – priceless!

Furthermore, they offer discounts if you put money into your account, e.g.  $50 gets you $55 of credit. 2 warnings about that: it’s not instanteous, and you need to put your account name somewhere in your payment. They don’t tell you that (I used Paypal), so I got a friendly email after 2 days or so.

The normal order of single sounds is instanteous, and they give you a choice of http or ftp download, where they also provide invoice and license information in the same folder, very neat.

They also accept a good range of payment methods. I hate it when I have to hunt down my credit card for a $3 purchase.

Post Mortem for “Guns” by BOOM Library

17 Jan

Axel Rohrbach, an awesome colleague of mine, has written a very honest post mortem for the recording and production of BOOM Library’s latest sound effects collection (have just got it today):

By the way, if you are interested in any BOOM Library, contact me, I can hook you up and get you a discount.

A few tips how to get into the game audio biz

22 Dec

Quoting myself here. Some time I ago I have written this entry in my personal blog about how I started working with Game Audio and what somebody could do who is new to the game. Everybody has his own story, and mine is still quite fresh I think. Still, I hope it will be helpful to some of you. And that’s just what this blog is all about, so why not link to it I thought. And I did.

Game Audio 101

18 Dec

Somebody tweeted that I should checkout this facebook page about Game Audio: GameAudio101 . And I did. And I found a bunch of links to different useful bits of information, and I went to their homepage, too. Among other things, they offer 9 articles and interviews about the topic.

You can certainly lose an hour or 2 going through all those resources. Sorry. 🙂

“Strange and mysterious sounds from the earth”

17 Dec

I recently found this old article about mysterious and possibly unexplained sound events that did or did not happen in recent history. I think this might be  an amusing read for my fellow sound designers. Especially #3

– >

Lecture – German – “Introduction to Game Audio”

15 Dec
Filippo Beck Peccoz

Filippo Beck Peccoz

Our first piece, “Introduction to Game Audio”, will lead you through the beginnings of game audio towards the present day, with many many examples.

It’s a German audio recording of a presentation held at the 1st Game Audio Forum on Nov 26th 2010  in Munich, Germany, so the slides are missing.

Thanks to Filippo Beck Peccoz for the lecture and the permission to upload this.

Download as MP3

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