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[CLOSED] Composer wanted for point ‘n click adventure (Profit Share)

17 Oct

If you are a composer and if you want to break into the games market, this is your chance. Small indie adventure developer team (with members in South America, USA and Germany) is looking for an additional composer, who is able to compose in a light, moody, cinematic style.  The team had a small successful kickstarter, but – as it is often the case with Indies – has to seriously watch their expenses at this point, so there is no frontend money but profit share. As usual for games, you should not be member of a collecting society.


Send your application with a LINK (not the actual file) to a demo song, ideally a modern sounding, moody, cinematic peace with piano to me.  I will bundle the applications and forward them with my opinion, as I will also help with the soundtrack myself. 🙂 Hope to work with you soon…

[ UPDATE ] Thanks everyone, a composer was chosen. 🙂

[closed]1 fast horror track (1.5-2 min) needed for a student horror game

2 Jul

The music needs to be fast-paced (a girl is being chased by a monster).

From the adrenalin a bit like this?

But Horror. This was also mentioned:

It’s a student game, they can only offer eternal gratitude and worthwhile contacts, no money.  Deadline is end of July (with some buffer).

Please contact me if you are interested, with LINKS to any horror reference you might have, please no attachments. I will pick the winner this time. 😀

[closed] Nonpaid: Composer for Xbox Scifi Racer

4 Jun

Hey guys, a few German students are making a high speed scifi racer for PC & Xbox, and asked me to ask around for audio help. They need a few sounds and maybe some music (upbeat electronic). There is also a slight chance that it might get released together with a big partner, who knows. Deadline is beginning of July.

If you are interested, contact me in the next days… With your email address and maybe a LINK to your website or music references… In a few days I will hand over a list and wish everyone good luck. 🙂

[Closed] Composer Job – Podcast Music for “ZwOnic Youth”

11 Nov

A new podcast, connected to the major German Games Blog Zockwork Orange, #3 of Games Blog Charts, needs some music. The podcast is called ZwOnic Youth and is hosted by two young brothers (12 and 14). 😀

This is unpaid. They need about 15 seconds.

They are rather open for suggestions. 8-Bit sound might be interesting, but not necessarily. But it should be unique, recognisable and interesting.

You can contact Kristin of Zockwork Orange directly, please no attachments, if you need to send demo songs, send Dropbox links. She will decide who gets the job. Here is her email: [THIS IS CLOSED]  Good luck!

Musik & Sound for student short movie “Squirrel”

7 Jul

A cry for help arrived in my inbox, and alas – I am busy. Computer animation student Phil from Germany needs Music & Sound for a ~2:30 min animated short movie. He needs it rather fast. There is an existing work-in-progress he can send you the link to, the movie in its final form without sound should be ready for you on Monday 11th of July. He needs to hand in the finished movie with sound on the 22nd (bachelor thesis so to speak). Please allow for possible corrections, so the 18th might be OK as a first deadline.

Inspiration is the Ice Age trailer, and it’s cute, comedic and about a squirrel, see pictures below.

Can you help out the guy? This is rather non-paid, though he has suggested he can offer a small compensation. I think he will also be very grateful and name his first 3 children after you.

Please send him an email, pointing out whether you want to do music, sound or both, and add a link to your previous work. Please only apply if you actually have time to help him next week. Here is his email address:

Composer Job – “Silver Brand” Adventure

11 Jun

The artist MiGo from Knoxville, USA,  is developing a non-profit adventure in a Fantasy/Sci-Fi setting with Elves and a certain Anime attitude, called SILVER BRAND, and is looking for a reliable composer because the last one deserted him. With his permission, I am helping him out here. He needs 4 tracks for this smaller adventure, and a follow-up job with compensation for the full commercial game, for which this is basically a test and a teaser, is possible.

The length of the tracks is not defined yet (>1 min I’d say), looping. The tracks are titled: Ta’Meryl’s Theme, Story of a War, The Powerful Silver Brand, The Metal Graveyard.

The composer in question should be available now. “Silver Brand” is almost done except audio. A release is therefore quite imminent and secure.

Contact him with a mail subject = SILVER BRAND, introduce yourself and provide a link (NO ATTACHMENT) to at least one demo song. Good luck!

Free Portal 2 Soundtrack

25 May

Free Soundtrack to the highly successful game Portal 2 is available here,