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Nice article about modulation, looking at the example “Braveheart”

23 Jul

Check out this nice article:

What James Horner’s Score to Braveheart Teaches Us About Modulation:

A wonderful source of orchestration learning material

15 Apr

I stumbled upon this wonderful range of detailed learning material about orchestration. It’s from Stevens Institute of Technology, by Instructor Andy Brick. Click the link and check all those Supporting Materials links on the right hand side.

What is really special about this is the amount of short instruction videos linked from the texts… This can be really helpful for those of you wanting to learn more about orchestration and the orchestra in general.


Contemporary Violin Techniques By Michael Vincent

6 Apr

Interesting script about not so ordinary string techniques… Might be a good read for you if you are writing for orchestra…

4 free VST instruments by Spitfire

30 Dec

Spitfire gives away 4 small VST instruments, just asking for a voluntary donation to charity. These are:

Toy Piano

Felt Piano (a muted piano)

Jazz Vibraphone

Dry Dulcimer (very good)

Useful or not, decide for yourself. The Dulcimer is a very cool patch I think, and the overall quality is of course top as Spitfire does professional hi end stuff, it’s a charming British company with a good sense of humour and taste… Check out their stuff…

NOTE: You need a full version of Kontakt, but if you don’t have that, you should stand in the corner for a while anyway.

Very nice Orchestra Tips page

5 Oct

Robin provides a tip a day about composing for orchestra and everything around it.

Your Music played by a Real Orchestra? Now affordable!

27 Sep

Sorry for the advertising lingo, but I simply have to share with you this wonderful service.

Next Open Orchestra Session, facilitated by my colleagues at Dynamedion, happens on November 14th and 15th.

You can send in your music (or your composer’s music), even if it’s just 1 song, and have a 66-piece orchestra record it for you, starting at 650€ per finished minute of music. YES.

This covers not only the orchestra, but also concert hall, conductor, and Tonmeister (top notch engineers for orchestra).

The price assumes you send in a final score. But you can, for slightly more, send in just a prescore or even just an MP3 (!). A brilliant orchestrator will develop the full score from it.

By the way, the whole crew is quite experienced, with dozens of sessions behind them and hundreds of happy clients. This is how awesome it will sound in the end:

You can even be present (Frankfurt a. d. Oder, Germany), which I can tell you is an amazing experience.

Isn’t this a cool thing? A session like this happens every few months, so even if the timing is not right,  you can get in touch whenever you need something.

Speaking of which, please contact me for more info, or a pricelist or to actually take part.

Game Audio Forums

1 Sep

Here we have a collection of nice websites and forums with a lot of information:


Very cool page with lots of videos about creating the sound of some blockbusters and their composers


News, free orchestration lesson, forum

Film and Game Composers

Good hints, videos and stuff

Seattle Game Audio

Forum and some nice links

Games Sound

Books and puplications


Books, articles, links


Audio community

Social Sounddesign

Everything regarding sound design.  Lots of infos for beginners!